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Make Every Moment Matter
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House Calls Magazine

Roper St. Francis Healthcare's premiere health magazine of the Lowcountry, is a quarterly publication that focuses on health and wellness. It includes a wide assortment of article with topics on the latest health and wellness information, nutrition, safety, lifestyles, and more.

House Calls magazine is dedicated to your health and features articles providing the expert advice of Roper St. Francis’ own doctors and clinicians. 

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Enjoy the below articles and recipes.


2013 House Calls

Spring 2013, Hows Your Body Image?
Good health comes in all shapes and sizes - embrace your true you and feel better inside and out. PLUS: A look at how the thyroid can upset your well-being, delicious picnic recipes, and what to do about chronic cough.

Winter 2013, Take Control of your Health
Enpower yourself to stay well, feel better and live longer- we'll tell you how! PLUS: How an unhealthy relationship can hurt your heart, gluten-free recipes and 10 tips for sounder sleep.


2012 House Calls


Fall 2012, A Healthier You!
10 tips to boost your energy, refine your fitness goals and wow your workout. PLUS: Sex ed for adults, fresh fall recipes, preventing indigestion and easy home-packed lunch ideas. 

Summer 2012, Get Happy! 
Everday bliss is a healthier pursuit than you think - we've got 40 ways to get your smile on! PLUS: Guilt-free burger recipes, the psychology behind addiction, 10 tips for getting rid of bugs, and hot new treatments for varicose veins.

Spring 2012, Savor Spring! 
Four light and lively seafood dishes perfect for this seaon's breezy, alfresco suppers. PLUS: How to age smart in your 30s and 40s, 10 tips for overcoming your fears, and how liquid calories can drown your diet.

Winter 2012, Body, Mind & Spirit 
How palliative care is changing the way patients face chronic illness. PLUS: Ligthened-up comfort food, 10 ti[s for financial health, and how to recgonize the signs of a concussion!


2011 House Calls


Fall 2011, Here Come the Boomers! 
How advances in medicine and technology are changing the way we age. PLUS: Surviving breast cancer, healthy party appetizers, and tips for holiday stress relief.

Summer 2011, Live it Up! 
Out-of-control hormones? Heart concerns? What you need to know to get the most out of life at any age. PLUS: Skin cancer screenings, delicious shish kebabs, and the benefits of post-partum massage.

Spring 2011, Spring Fever
Your guide to surviving allergy season in the Lowcountry. PLUS: Treating and preventing sports injuries, healthy sandwich salads, identifying sleep disorders and more!

Winter 2011, Tipping the Scale
A look at obesity's heavy health risks. PLUS: Overcoming depression, healthy slow cooker recipes, Roper St. Francis Cancer Center, and more!


2010 House Calls


Fall 2010, Your Mount Pleasant Hospital
Introducing your Mount Pleasant Hospital. Bringing high-quality healthcare to east of the Cooper! 

Summer 2010, Sweet Summer
Chilly, guilt-free treats to beat the Lowcountry heat. Plus: The truth about vitamin D, avoiding food poisoning, strengthening the upper back, and more!

Spring 2010, Sanctuary of Healing
Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital opens a new meditation garden under the centuries-old oaks. Plus: Delicious vegetarian sandwiches, preventing carpal tunnel syndrome, lower abdominal exercises, and more!

Winter 2010, New Year, New You
Slim down and shape up with our foolproof fitness guide and real-life diet advice. PLUS: Healthy breakfast recipes, Roper Rehabilitation Hospital, and more!


2009 House Calls


Fall 2009, Influenza
An in-depth look at how modern medicine has changed the way we treat deadly viruses. Plus: Prevent blood clots, know your cholesterol, and snack healthy!

Summer 2009, Sweet Summer
At-home chefs dish up delicious, heart-healthy recipes perfect for Charleston’s warmer months. Plus: Tips for younger looking skin, understanding TMJ, pool fitness, and more!

Spring 2009, Back in the Game
Ready to kick those idle habits? Our special fitness section will help find the right workout for you—at any age! Plus: Managing your diabetes,fresh salad recipes, tips for trimming your waistline, and more!

Winter 2009, Modern Miracles
New techniques for common surgeries are healing patients more quickly and easily than ever before. Plus:
A beginners’ guide to diabetes, secrets to staying moisturized, and more! 

2008 House Calls


Fall 2008, Boost Your Health
8 surprising things you can do to improve everyday wellness. Plus: Inventive sandwich recipes, treating high blood pressure, and more!

Summer 2008, Go Green, Live Well
How everyday, eco-conscious choices can leave you breathing easy and feeling healthy. Plus: Delicious fruit desserts, a better walking workout, and more!

Spring 2008, A Warm Welcome
From a state-of-the-art nursery to the innovative Neuro-Spine Center, Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital celebrates a number of new additions. Plus: Blood pressure basics, healthy dinner recipes, and more!
Winter 2008, Soup’s On!
Fend off winter’s chill with hearty one-dish meals that are as healthy as they are delicious. Plus: Rejuvenate your
mind, body, and spirit for the New Year, manage everyday stress, and more!


2007 House Calls


Fall 2007, Spooky lllnesses
Do you know what mysterious infections are lurking around the Lowcountry? Plus: Healthy hors d’oeuvres, facts about today’s facelifts, and more!

Summer 2007, Summer Activity Guide
From surfing to sailing, learn how to stay safe and healthy while enjoying all the fun the Lowcountry has to offer.

Spring 2007, The Women’s Health Issue
From everyday well-being to topics more taboo, experts weigh in on subjects concerning ladies of all ages. Plus: Your guide to giving up cigarettes, The many benefits of massage, surprising salad recipes, and exercising with your infant.

Winter 2007, Living Well
The fabled fountain of youth that may lie in the positive relationships we maintain with family, friends, and community. Plus: A heart-healthy Valentine’s Day dinner, stroke facts: what you need to know, and your guide to great stretches.