Bloodless Medicine
Bloodless Medicine
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Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program

Bloodless medicine and surgery is an effective method of treating patients without using whole blood or blood products. Patients choose non-blood treatment for religious, personal, ethical or medical reasons. The Roper St. Francis Bloodless Medicine and Surgery program is one of the few programs of this kind in the Southeast and the oldest program in South Carolina. This service is a natural extension of our commitment to regard each patient as an individual with unique values, beliefs and convictions. Because we take the extra time necessary to plan and coordinate bloodless medical and surgical procedures, you can be sure of receiving the safest, most advanced healthcare possible.

Thanks to dedicated doctors, a full-time coordinator and state of-the-art technology, we can perform virtually every surgical procedure available without the use of blood or blood products. Whether you have personal or religious convictions that prevent you from receiving blood transfusions or you simply feel more comfortable not receiving donor blood, our doctors can provide the careful planning and meticulous skill that make bloodless medical treatment safe and accessible.

Sophisticated technological advances now make it possible to perform some of the most complicated procedures with a minimum of blood loss. Advances in laser technology give us new alternatives to traditional surgery. Other medical advances that make bloodless treatments possible include anesthetic techniques to limit blood loss during surgery, clotting agents, bleeding inhibitors and surgical devices that locate and arrest internal bleeding.

Our bloodless medicine program is an affiliate member of the Society for the Advancement of Blood Management (SABM). 



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For more information, contact the program coordinator at (843) 724-2399.